Who We Are

G5 Business Makers Program creates an innovative ecosystem environment where companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses and students connect together for problem-solving, learning space, ideas sharing and networking.  We tackle challenges and problems facing companies with a unique value proposition and innovative solution backed with business best practices.

Our Mission

We want to create the best value proposition for the social and economic change of our clients and partners by tackling together the problem that entrepreneurs, young professionals, leaders, managers, innovators, students, companies encounter to come up with best practice solutions and knowledge sharing promoting SDG Goals #8, #9 and #17.

Our Vision

We aim to become the leading networking space for entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses and students by tackling industry problem, idea sharing, innovative talk to inspire each other and enable business growth with our program offering in aligning with UN SDG goals #8, #9 and #17.

UN Sustainable Development Goals


Meet The Team

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Christian Kitumaini

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Junior Macumu

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Communication Coordinator