We live in a world where we see businesses come together to solve problems they are facing in their workplace, where students don’t know where to connect with professionals to acquire knowledge and learn business best practices, we believe each person has a story and idea to share, a contribution to the workplace and society, a new idea to contribute to the world.  At G5 Business Makers Program, we do believe in you and tremendous contribution into your company, your workplace, your entrepreneurship journey, your idea to reshape your companies and society. That is why we create an innovative eco-system environment where together with our clients, partners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses we meet and provide a solution and inspiring each other in problems our companies are facing.  We envisioning to help companies aligning with UN SDG goals: #8: Decent work and economic growth, #9: Industry innovation and infrastructure, #17: partnership for the goals.



-    Professional networking events for entrepreneurs, businesses and students.

-    Panel discussion for companies’ challenges, business best practices, etc.

Benefits of Networking with G5BMP

  • Create new business partnership.

  • Stay tuned with industry trends and market opportunities.

  • Solve companies’ challenges and learn about business best practices.

  • Connect with other businesses and decision makers in the market.

  • Launch your product or services in the market.

  • Meeting future partners, customers, and even employers or employees.

  • Relax and have fun while talking about businesses.

  • Be inspired with new innovative ideas to spark your mindset and help you in your company and your career.